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The Spanish timeshare industry has recently has a massive shake-up.

The Supreme Spanish Court has ruled that many timeshare contracts are null and void and therefore monies paid must be refund to the buyers. And if it was paid within the 14 day “cooling off period” the resort has to return double the amount paid.

There are many reasons why these timeshare contracts have been declared null and void. An example is that the contract or purchase deedcannot be longer than 50 years or in “perpetuity”. Another example is that the contract must determine exactly the number of the apartment or room that has been purchased, the land registry code of the complex, the exact week of the year, and the exact day that the timeshare starts and finishes. If those things are not present and clear in the contract or deed it is deemed null and void and the investment must be refund to the buyer. Contracts for the purchase of “points”, flexible weeks, superred, fractionals, gold season, etc are all considered illegaland therefore it is easy to win a case and have the contract delared null and void.

The Law Firm JC Vila has won many cases against the main Resortsof the world: Club la Costa, Diamond Resorts, Macdonald Resorts Limited, Anfi Group, etc.

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