JC Vila Law Firm, specialized in reperesenting victims of crimes and defending those accused of committing financial crimes in Málaga, Torremolinos and Costa del Sol since 1997 

In relation to criminal jurisdiction, this Law Firm specialises in the representation of victims of crimes as well as in defending those accused of committing crimes of a financial nature.

  • Financial offences: misappropriation, fraud, falsities, corporate offences, money laundering, criminal insolvency, falsifications, etc.
  • Crimes against the person: injuries
  • Traffic offences: breathalysers, speeding, driving without a licence, disobeying authorities, reckless driving and failing to provide help.
  • Offences against the environment and town planning: against land planning.
  • Offences against honour: slander and libel.
  • Offences against family rights and obligations: abandonment of the family, non-payment of pensions.
  • Child abduction.
  • Offences against intellectual and industrial property.
  • Offences against historical heritage.
  • Arson offences.
  • Offences against the administration of justice.
  • Prevarication, cover-ups.
  • False accusations and complaints.
  • Violations of parole.
  • Defence in criminal trials.
  • Assistance for the detainee before the Police and the Courts.
  • Criminal charges: official complaints and lawsuits.
  • Attendance before the Courts: Magistrate’s Courts, Criminal Courts.
  • Provincial Courts, Superior Courts of Justice, Juries, National Courts.
  • Supreme Court and Constitutional Court.
  • Attendance and defence at trial: Summary trials, fast-track trials.
  • Corporate offences.
  • Offences against privacy and self-image.
  • Threats.
  • Fiscal offences and criminal insolvencies.
  • Documentary falsifications.
  • Environmental offences.
  • Simulation of offences, perjury, obstructing the course of justice.
  • Professional disloyalty.

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