• Civil Law.
  • Claims for outstanding amounts or debts.
  • Compensation.
  • Civil Liability.
  • Sale and purchase.
  • Contractual non-compliance.
  • Attendance at Notary Offices.
  • Ownership proceedings.
  • Community of Owners.
  • Traffic accident representation.
  • Family Law.
  • Separation, divorce.
  • Settlement agreements.
  • Inheritance. Partition papers.
  • Successions.
  • Criminal Law.
  • Financial offences.
  • Misappropriation, fraud, insolvency.
  • Assistance for the detainee criminal charges, official complaints and lawsuits.
  • Victims of crime.
  • Document falsifications.
  • Administrative claims.
  • Infringement proceedings.
  • Financial-administrative claims.
  • Judicial reviews.
  • Contentious-Administrative Jurisdiction.
  • Claims for damages.
  • Civil Proceedings.
  • Etc. Etc.

JC Vila law office is a law firm which provides a wide range of services to clients wishing to pursue legal disputes. But our main specialty is real estate advice, property, and Timeshare Law.

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