JC Vila Law Firm, advising and giving legal assistance in Málaga, Torremolinos and Costa del Sol since 1997

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This Law Firm can be of great help to you, advising you on matters of civil and procedural law and particularly real estate law, timeshare, family law and the law in relation to inheritance and accidents. However, you should reflect upon what it is you want your lawyer to do:

  • Claims for outstanding amounts and debts.
  • Creditors meetings.
  • Compensations.
  • Contractual and extra-contractual civil liability.
  • Drawing up and review of all types of contracts.
  • Sale and purchase, discontinuance and termination of contracts.
  • Option to purchase.
  • Real estate companies.
  • Non-compliance of contract.
  • Attendance at Notaries.
  • Constitution of companies and operations relating to same.
  • Urban and rustic leases. Evictions: non-payment of rent, financial claims.
  • Real estate and construction law.
  • Damp, leaks, specifications.
  • Hidden defects.
  • Ruinous defects.
  • First inscription of estates in the Property Register.
  • Defects and flaws in construction.
  • Ownership proceedings.
  • Acquisition, protection and defence of property and ownership.
  • Community of owners.
  • Claims for quotas, contesting agreements.
  • Arbitration proceedings.
  • Medical negligence. Healthcare law.
  • Representation of consumers and users. Misleading advertising.
  • Defence of constitutional rights. Right to honour, privacy, self-image and a fair sentence.
  • Falls on public transport.
  • Compensation claims for all types of damages (traffic accidents, falls).
  • Change of name, surname, nationality, residency, rectification of errors.
  • Drawing up leasing contracts and all types of rental contracts.
  • Contractual lease subrogation and extension.
  • Subletting.
  • Tenant building work.
  • Administrator communications.
  • Problems with community of owners.
  • Contract terminations and all types of contractual proceedings.
  • Non-payment of rent.
  • Company Law: constitutions, liquidations, creditors meetings, drawing up and modifying social statutes.
  • Representation and attendance at committees. 
  • Legal challenges.
  • Banking Law: bills of exchange, cheques, promissory notes, claims before the Bank of Spain.
  • Land clauses.
  • Swap.
  • Advice on sale and purchase operations.
  • Traffic accident compensations.
  • Injuries, death.
  • Insurance company claims.
  • Representation in traffic accidents. 
  • Constitution of Foundations, Associations and Civil Societies.
  • Division of assets.

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