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his Law Firm specialises in property litigation.  Pursuing and defending claims.  Buying and selling properties.  Litigation, arbitration, expert determination or alternative dispute resolution in relation to commercial properties as well as residential developments. Avice in relation to property issues.

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Thanks to our efforts, the Court of First Instance nº 19 of Malaga has decided that the money invested in Aifos Development of Valle Rosario Golf, in Villa Nueva del Rosario (Málaga), plus interest, should be returned to the buyers. 

The important part of this sentence is that it is not against Aifos (which was liquidated and no longer exists) but against the Bank Popular which guaranteed and endorsed Aifos in that Development of Valle Rosario Golf. Now the home buyers will be able to finally recover his money after so many years, because the one who will return it is a Bank.  

You have more detailed information about this case on the link above where you can see the sentence and also the contract of sale between the purchaser and Aifos. If you have signed a contract in the Valle Rosario Golf Residential Complex as the one that appears on the web, and you are interested in recovering your money, contact this office and we will study your case without any commitment for you or any initial expenses. If your case is qualified I am sure that we will reach an agreement on the fees, and there is even the possibility of leaving off any payment until you recover the money. We are waiting for your contact.

 Sentence Aifos Development of Valle Rosario Golf, in Villanueva del Rosario (Málaga)

Aifos Development of Valle Rosario Golf, in Villa Nueva del Rosario (Málaga)

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